private_construction, Videoperformance, 2009,
20 Min, Farbe.

Exhibition "Performance //Frame", Galerie Anita Beckers, Frankfurt am Main

The videopiece "Private Construction" shows the interaction between the artist, dressed in a clown-like blue dress and an object in the same color. It is constructed out of two pieces of wood, which she randomly picked up from household waste. She aims to an investigation of the dynamic processes that happen between the subject and the object and how to annulate this separation,
so that the boundaries get blurry.
She is also interested in giving discarded objects a new use and a new function, in a way to recycle them through actions. In this case, she persistently tries to match and fit with her body the form of the object, but constantly fails in the attempt.
The absurdity of the clothes and the laid-back attitude of the performer give the failure a rather light and uncomplicated quality.